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Type M and T Integral Horsepower Starters

Available in NEMA sizes M0 – M1

Type M and T Integral Horsepower Starters offer convenient “On-Off” operation of small single phase, polyphase, or DC motors.

Motor Starters
  • Features

    Typical applications include small machine tools, pumps, fans, and conveyors. They feature push button or toggle operators and reliable overload protection. Pilot lights and auxiliary contacts are available.

    • Available in NEMA Sizes M-0, M-1, and M-1P
    • Poles
      • AC: Two poles single phase; three poles polyphase
      • DC: 2 poles (without Low Voltage Protection only)
    • 600 Vac and 250 Vdc maximum
    • Melting alloy thermal overload relays have provisions for one Type B thermal unit for single phase starters and three
    • Type B thermal units for three phase starters (All thermal units must be installed and the device reset before the starter contacts will operate)