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Easergy Flair 21D-22D-23D-23DM

Fault Passage Indicator for MV Underground Network

Part of PowerLogic

Easergy Flair 21x is a family of fault passage indicators in DIN format, compact, efficient, self-powered, which adapt automatically to the network.

Easergy Flair 21D-22D-23D-23DM
  • Features

    • Flair 21D, 22D, 23DV: ammetric FPI, self powered by measurement sensors, integrated in MV switchgear or in wall-mounted box.
    • Flair 279, 219: ammetric FPI, powered by LV supply and/or Li battery for wall-mounted installation.
    • Flair 3XX: directional FPI, powered by LV supply and/or Li battery for wall-mounted installation.
    • DAX : ammetric FPI, powered by LV supply and/or Li battery for wall mounted installation. Advanced version with comprehensive setting and testing functions.


    Contractual warranty
    Period : 18 months


    • At the cutting edge of technology, they are used on underground MV networks with isolated, resistor-earthed or directly earthed neutral for earth fault detection and detection of overcurrents, on all neutral earthing systems (directly-earthed or resistive, compensated or isolated neutral).
    • Self-powered, they ensure permanent operation of the fault current passage detection and indication system.
    • Adjustment-free, they are immediately operational. However, numerous manual adjustments are possible.
    • Compact and in DIN format, they fit naturally into the MV cubicles.
    • Smartly designed, they offer an ammeter/digital maximeter function.
    • Comprehensive, the Flair 23DM version incorporates a highly sophisticated voltage presence/absence relay function and the option of communicating on an RS485 serial link in Modbus protocol.



    • Flair 21D is a maintenance-free, adjustment-free fault detector
    • Flair 22D is a fault detector for network with very low load current (< 2 A) with possibility of manual adjustments. Can also be used for earth fault detection on compensated or isolated neutral.
    • Flair 23D is a fault detector operational for setups where a zero sequence core balance CT is required (e.g. CT mounted on 3-pole cable).
    • Flair 23DM is a combination fault passage indicator and voltage detector. It is ideal for use with an Automatic Transfer of Source System. With the communication option it is the ideal detector to be integrated in the cell as a communicating fault detector.
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