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Energy consumption in buildings can be reduced by 30 to 80% using proven and commercially available technologies

according UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
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With the IoT, data generated by sensors will be combined with new control capabilities to make buildings smarter, more efficient, and comfortable

allowing occupants to be more productive

Unlocking value: BMSs and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Building management systems have been around for decades, and over time they've become more intelligent and complex. With this complexity, it becomes important for a BMS to use open protocols, so that it can exchange and make use of information (is interoperable) with different third-party devices.

Whether you need to take care of a multi-level office building, or just a small warehouse, using a BMS is crucial to making things run smoothly.

A smart building management system:
  • Improves efficiency
  • Optimizes performance
  • Gives you more control
  • Provides more connection

Next Generation BMS: Start your building management system modernization plan

Next generation BMSs helps you take advantage of powerful new technologies by utilizing a more open, integrated platform that uses IoT, cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence technologies to get more out of your available resources and connected systems.
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Using a BMS is crucial to making things run smoothly

What are the components of a building management system?
A building management system controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as: ventilation, lighting, plumbing and water systems, power systems, fire systems, security systems, boilers/chillers, and elevators.

Why do we need a building operations system?
Because of all the building components listed above, keeping your building running reliably and efficiently can be a challenge. A BMS system can interact with all the various subsystems (e.g., power distribution, HVAC, etc.) and give you a centralized management platform, that makes staying in control of your building much easier.

What are the benefits of a building management system?
A BMS offers many benefits beyond centralized management over your building's subsystems. The top three are better energy efficiency, faster fault diagnosis and resolution, and elevated safety and comfort for occupants.

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3 BMS features to look for: Open, scalable, and digital

Open vs. Proprietary

Some building management systems run on proprietary systems that don't work with third-party equipment. Other BMSs are interoperable, and work with open protocols. For the vast majority of facilities, an open system allows greater flexibility. Ask these questions:

  • Does it use an open protocol?
  • What elements of the system are proprietary?
  • Can anyone (my internal staff or outside vendors) service this product?
  • Can you integrate with the equipment I already have?

Learn more: Get Connected: Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things

Scalability and Serviceability

As the needs of your building change, a BMS should be able to adjust with your occupant and operational needs. Serviceability, which takes into account longevity or end-of-life, can be important. Ask these questions:

  • What software upgrades will be needed to maintain this system in the next 10 years?
  • What are the recommended service checks that are required to maintain a reliable BMS?
  • Does this meet my needs or is it way more than I need?
  • Can we have a phased approach to the installation?

Digital and Secure

Busy facility managers want to protect and safely access their system while on the move. A BMS that provides technology like remote access, cloud-based data, and predictive analytics and AI are a must. Ask these questions:

  • Is this cyber-secure?
  • Is there a mobile app that I can monitor and control my system?

Learn more: Get Secure: End-to-End Cybersecurity Lifecycle Frameworks

Up to 75% of a building’s lifetime cost is spent on operations and maintenance

according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and buildings are designed to last for decade.

New generation building management systems are more powerful with greater capabilities unheard of just ten years ago. An obsolete BMS can cost you time and money, and can limit overall functionality.

We can help you avoid the unnecessary risks of outdated BMS. Download our BMS modernization brochure to read more.

We're ready to create your building of the future

Our building automation systems will allow you to monitor everything from your HVAC system to your lighting and security systems from one, easy-to-use platform.

Our systems are easily installed in newer buildings, but older buildings can also be retrofitted with our management software. No matter your situation, we can find a solution that makes automating your building simple.

Get to know EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

Improves efficiency

Control every system in your building from one platform, identify problems, and provide simple solutions that will save you money.

Optimizes performance

Our smart devices allow you to quickly catch anomalies in your systems, making it easy to optimize their performance.

Gives you more control

Our smart systems allow you to customize your settings and notifications. Take control by ensuring your buildings’ vital equipment runs efficiently.

Provides more connection

Our systems enable integration across systems. This helps prepare buildings for new technologies, making it easier to adopt them in the future.

Explore featured building management products


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SpaceLogic™ SE8000


Connected Room Solution

SmartX IP Controller & SmartX Living Space Sensors

Create a better occupant experience with our intelligent building management solutions

30% of energy used in buildings is wasted. Let us help you create efficiency in your building with our building automation system (BAS) technology.

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