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Model 6 Low Voltage MCC With ArcBlok

Protection. Innovation. Reliability.
The Square D by Schneider Electric™ Model 6 Low Voltage Motor Control Center (MCC) with ArcBlok is a game changer in electrical equipment protection and safety-related work practices. This extremely innovative product is always on to help contain and extinguish arc flash energy on incoming conductors.

For new and existing equipment
The ArcBlok unit can be specified for and installed into new motor control center orders, or retrofit as new main sections as part of a modernization project to add protection to your existing Model 6 MCC equipment.

ArcBlok: Avoid Arc Flash Before It Happens

ArcBlok™ is designed with features that help avoid an arc flash before it happens. Barriers keep foreign objects, such as a hand, a dropped nut or screwdriver from entering the energized line side. No special maintenance procedures are required other than periodic cleaning on a similar basis to standard electrical equipment.

Sensors inside the compartment continuously take thermal readings and communicate those to a mobile device, while maintenance personnel stand outside the arc flash zone to review.

Arc Isolation

Cable vault is designed to isolate arcs on the line side conductors and reduces the potential for arc faults.

Thermal Monitoring

Sensors inside the compartment continuously take thermal readings and communicate those to a mobile device.

ArcBlok: How Does It Work?

It's a means of engineering control that isolates the line side electrical conductors and reduces the likelihood of accidental contact with the line side conductors and the potential for arc faults. If an arc occurs, it reduces the arc duration and it is self-extinguished in less than one cycle, reducing potential equipment damage.

It is a system that resists the effects of arcs initiated in the line side conductors, based on the test and assessment of ANSI/IEEE Std. C37.20.7-2017, Annex H Motor Control Centers (UL 845).

Tested Design

For decades, it was common knowledge that an arc fault event the size of 100,000 amps would destroy a motor control center. What happened in the Schneider Electric lab in Cedar Rapids proved that with the right design, an arc event can be minimized and contained, protecting personnel and equipment and avoiding costly damage and reducing downtime.

Traditional MCC vs. MCC with ArcBlok Arc Flash Event: 100kA@480V

MCC Arc Flash Test: Side-By-Side Event

ArcBlok Arc Isolation Demo: Keeping It Inside the Vault

Protecting With Innovation

At Schneider Electric, we have decades of arc flash knowledge and thought leadership. We have used that experience to design, test and patent the ArcBlok arc isolation unit from ground up.

With a passive protection system that can help contain and extinguish a line side arc flash event at the equipment’s maximum rated level, ArcBlok arc isolation is always on and ready to do its job.

Along with the new ArcBlok arc isolation unit, we have designed a main MCC section with a reinforced structure and wireless thermal communicating system. This allows temperature to be read on a mobile device while outside the arc flash boundary.

Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Take temperature readings faster and without the discomfort of PPE normally required for infrared thermography.

Wireless Data Collection

After reading the near-field communication (NFC) tag on the equipment, use the Easergy™ app to see your information.

ArcBlok Arc Isolation

Keeping it inside the vault
With ArcBlok arc isolation, the line side conductors are fully enclosed inside a cable vault, which has been tested for the ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7-2017 requirements for arc containment. Not just a barrier, ArcBlok reduces the chance that an arc flash could occur and also reduces and contains the arc energy if it does.

Build features include:
  • Steel barriers
  • Lifting handles
  • Bolts face outward for easy alignment
  • Interior barriers separate phases
  • Thermal sensors communicate data
  • Vents direct arc flash energy to minimize impact

Convenient Wireless Connectivity for Thermal Monitoring

Many remote data collecting applications require some type of wires, either tethered to the equipment on the front, or a network of wires inside the enclosure and out to a server. ArcBlok is self-contained, and all that is needed to collect data is a mobile device with near-field communication (NFC) active, and the Easergy™ app installed.

Locate the NFC tag

Wireless Connectivity

Read the label with a mobile device

Wireless Connectivity

Activate the Easergy app

Wireless Connectivity

See your temperature data

Get the Easergy app on Google Play
Wireless Connectivity

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