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CBGS-0 Medium Voltage Distribution of the Future

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CBGS-0 is a unique and innovative concept with ratings up to 38 kV, 2,000 A, and 31.5 kA, and available with configurations using mains and feeders, ties, and cable sections. Primary fused voltage transformers and current transformers are available as well.

This compact and modular switchgear offers both flexibility and a long, low maintenance service life. It is an excellent choice for any location, including those with limited space or harsh environmental conditions.

CBGS-0 is economical as assembly, expansions, and disassembly occur on site in a straightforward fashion without gas handling requirements. CBGS-0 uses a grounded and shielded solid insulated bus system installed in the top rear part of the switchgear, outside the SF6 gas compartment.

Low Maintenance

A 10-year maintenance cycle means reduced total cost of ownership and a higher level of safety. The medium voltage parts and the interior components of the SF6 insulation tank do not require maintenance for the life of the switchgear.

Reduced maintenance also means a higher level of reliability, diminishing sources of failure due to human interaction.


    Space Savings

    With a small footprint base form factor, and a front-access only design, CBGS-0 allows for space savings of up to 70% compared to traditional 38kV class air insulated switchgear.

    The reduced footprint can mean cost savings from smaller, prefabricated electrical house structures or increased revenue generation space in the facilities where CBGS-0 is applied.

CBGS-0 Gas-Insulated Switchgear

UL listed CBGS-0 is compact and easy to install and operate. This modular switchgear offers both flexibility and a long, low maintenance service life. It is an excellent choice for any location, including those with limited space or harsh environmental conditions.

    Design Flexibility With Innovative Details

    In addition to small footprint and flexible configuration, CBGS-0 medium voltage gas-insulated switchgear has multiple features that have revolutionized the industry with a main focus on three key areas:

    • Power Protection
    • Internal Isolation and Grounding
    • Intuitive Operation and Interlocking

Power Protection

Two types of fixed mount circuit breakers can be specified for the CBGS-0 depending on application or need. Both options meet the requirements and have been tested to the IEEE C37.04, C37.06, and C37.09 standards.

• 10,000 Mechanical Operations
• 3-Cycle Interruption
• Motor Charged, Spring Operation


Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum interrupting bottle technology allows for fast and reliable current interruption. The arc containing and quench vacuum bottles help to reduce space, and are sealed from the environment for long life, and reliable operation.

SF6 Circuit Breaker

SF range circuit breakers work on the basis of the "puffer" type principle in SF6 gas, which is used as a breaking and insulating medium. Each pole forms a gas-tight unit filled with low pressure dielectric gas. No gas filling or handling is required for the life of the switchgear.

Isolation Disconnect Switch

A disconnect switch is designed between the circuit breaker and busbar system in order to isolate the busbar system from the circuit breaker or cable connections. The switch is provided with an internal USB accessible camera in order to incorporate a visible break system as required for compliance with the NEC.

Internal Grounding Switch

The switch is three-position type allowing for Closed-Open-Ready to ground. It is paired with a mechanical interlock system to prevent operation when the circuit breaker is closed. The isolating disconnect switch function allows for isolation of circuit breaker and cable compartment for testing and maintenance, and is easily incorporated into standard maintenance procedures to maximize safety.

    Operation and interlocks

    Intuitive design of the operating procedure allows for quick training, and easy operation of all functions of the switchgear including the circuit breaker, isolation switch, and grounding switch.
    • Operated by means of an operating handle
    • Function selection (admissible operations) by means of a selector
    • The flag type design of the selector allows the operating handle to be inserted only in the actuating shaft corresponding to the pre-selected function
    • The operating handle cannot be removed from the actuating shaft until the switching operation is completed
    • The circuit breaker cannot be closed until the function selector has returned to the neutral position.
    • The three position disconnector can only be operated when the circuit breaker is in the open position.
    • Other special interlocks, such as key locks, can be included as an option.

CBGS-0 Switchgear Innovations

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CBGS-0 implements the latest in medium voltage switchgear technology in order to better decrease footprint, installation time, and maintenance while increasing reliability and safety.

Pre-filled. Pre-tested. Ready to go to work

The CBGS-0 circuit breaker compartment is delivered to the site of installation with the rated filling pressure, pre-tested at the factory for leakage. Switchgear installation or future expansion does not require gas handling or filling onsite. The SF6 chamber and its contents are maintenance free for the life of the switchgear.

Shielded Solid Insulated Bussing

The busbar system is composed of round, copper conductor lengths insulated in solid silicone-rubber with individual phase ground shielding. The system includes busbar lengths, end connectors, tee connectors, and end caps that are installed across the horizontal length of the switchgear lineup.

The shielded solid insulated bussing system helps to prevent phase-to-phase faults by preventing environmental contamination, or exposure to foreign objects all while eliminating the need for SF6 handling onsite.


    More CBGS-0 Innovative Features

    Low Voltage Cabinet
    • Tray for LV cables
    • Protection and control relays
    • Isolation switch monitoring port
    Plug-in General Busbar System
    with single pole, solid insulation, shielded, and grounded
    • Toroidal core current transformer in busbar system (optional)
    Stainless steel tank (2.5 mm) filled with SF6
    and sealed for life:
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Three-position disconnector: Disconnector operating mechanism
    • Circuit breaker: Circuit breaker operating mechanism
    Power cable compartment:
    • Power cable connectors
    • Current transformers (optional)
    • Live line indicator
    • SF6 pressure gauge
    • Nameplate

Gas Insulated Switchgear

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