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1. What is industrial automation? 

Industrial automation refers to the use of control systems for handling different types of machinery and processes across several industries to reduce human effort and increase efficiency. As a result, industrial automation solutions effectively reduce labor costs and expenses, increase productivity, deliver quality products, and enhance product consistency. We at Schneider Electric offer a varied range of industrial control and automation solutions and products to cover the breadth of the infrastructure, industrial, and building sectors from interface modules to programmable relays. We offer numerous services for simple as well as complex process systems.    

2. Why is industrial automation important? 

The world is embracing a plethora of digital technologies to ensure that industrial sites function efficiently and independently. Incorporating industrial control systems effectively helps save costs for the company by replacing human labor with a wide range of equipment, tools, software, and devices. Industrial control and automation solutions also guarantee higher product quality, improved information accuracy, better safety, and increased flexibility.    

3. What are industrial automation products? 

We at Schneider Electric offer a diverse range of industrial automation and control products carefully designed under the supervision of our expert professionals who acquire expertise in digital solutions. Here are some of the many industrial automation products we offer at Schneider Electric: