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    • EcoStruxure™ System Advisor – Process Safety

      EcoStruxure™ Triconex Safety Systems

      EcoStruxure System Advisor – Process Safety provides enhanced configuration documentation, change tracking, and I/O management for EcoStruxure Triconex safety systems.

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  • Overview

    EcoStruxure System Advisor – Process Safety functionality includes: 

    - System documentation for all tag names references, I/O, and CEM, structured text, ladder, and FB code 
    - Change tracking for all types of configuration changes, including: 
    • Tag names 
    • Disabled points (between updates) 
    • Execution order 
    • Local variables 
    • Hardware (added, modified, deleted)
    • Library code 
    • Memory allocations 
    • User privileges 

    - I/O management, including finding, reserving, and releasing spares
    - Audit Manager to create change sets and mark them as audited
    - Comment Manager, providing tools to add, edit, export, and print comments
    - Multiple ways to search data, including:
    • Search Program Organizational Units (POUs), including FBD, structured text, ladder diagrams, and CEM 
    • Search for any tag names or program in current or deleted databases (Find Tag) 
    • Create and edit your own SQL queries (Advanced Query) 

    - Reporting tools so you can view historical data by date and change, and generate and send reports via scheduled emails
  • Benefits

    EcoStruxure System Advisor – Process Safety powers productivity and performance: 

    • Increase personnel productivity up to 30% 
    • Reduce regulatory compliance audit time by at least 40% 
    • Accelerate troubleshooting time by as much as 80% 
    • Lower project quality assurance activities by as much as 20% 
    • Increased accuracy reduces the likelihood of unexpected plant outages 
    • Safeguard knowledge to future proof investment

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  • Applications

    EcoStruxure System Advisor – Process Safety can be used to manage all EcoStruxure Tricon safety system applications, including:


    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
    • Power generation
    • Pharmaceuticals