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    ION 9000

    Discover the world’s most innovative, most advanced power quality meter. Designed for those who demand the highest performance from their power networks.

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  • Meet the storyteller Your power network has a story to tell. Discover the most advanced power meter in the world that can make your power network safer, more reliable, efficient, and compliant.

The World’s Most Accurate Meter


An EcoStruxure Power connected product, the PowerLogic ION9000 is the most innovative, most advanced, and most accurate power quality meter in the world. Third-party certified 0.1S accuracy, modular design, flexible ION programmability, and advanced power quality analysis make it the perfect power meter for industrial or healthcare facilities, data centers, and utility networks.

  • Access smart power event analysis
  • Minimize costly downtime and power vulnerabilities
  • Improve reliability and efficiency
  • Unlock new energy efficiency opportunities

Is your power network ready? The ION9000 is.

The world of power management is changing. Learn how new digital tools help you adapt.
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Perfect for your business

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    For Data Centers On average, a one-hour power loss event costs a data center $1 million and a compromised reputation. Energy costs also consume up to 50% of a typical data center’s operating budget. PowerLogic ION9000 meters provide precision accuracy, the ability to quickly locate disturbances, help predict maintenance needs, and aid in monitoring ongoing operations like battery health and runtime variations.
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    For Healthcare Non-linear loads, inadvertent injection of harmonics, interactions between medical equipment: all can cause power issues. The ION9000 detects and prevents these types of incidents that can lead to patient risk. Its power quality capabilities ensure your power network and its sensitive electronic loads are monitored and analyzed 24x7 for peak performance.
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    For Industry If you’re looking to improve availability and uptime, the ION9000 provides key, real-time, historical, and PQ information dashboards, reporting, and control. Combine with EcoStruxure Power edge control software for detailed views into your electrical infrastructure, to help mitigate events that put your business at risk. Quickly pinpoint the root cause of power system failures.
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    For Utilities Demands for electric power today are anything but simple. New, diverse industries are appearing and they require either much finer voltage supply tolerances, or very enhanced reliability. Probably both. For electrical suppliers, the ION9000 delivers the most revealing network picture ever. Combined with EcoStruxure Power edge control software, discover new levels of safety, reliability, efficiency, and compliance.
  • Meet the storyteller Your power network has a story to tell. Meet the storyteller. Discover the most advanced power meter in the world that can make your power network safer, more reliable, efficient, and compliant.
  • Taking to the skies Schneider Electric partnered with Geneva Airport to help upgrade its electrical distribution system, all while maintaining high-quality, seamless service. Discover our solutions and what we can do for you.

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