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    EcoStruxure Power Advisor

    Now you can increase facility reliability, extend equipment life and improve energy performance without spending any time doing it! EcoStruxure Power Advisor Digital Service Plans are designed to provide maintenance, support and improvement services for your power management system.

    Want an EcoStruxure Power Advisor consultation?

EcoStruxure Power Advisor

A key component of EcoStruxure Power Advisor Digital Service Plans is Power Advisor. analytical engine that turns your data into information. Using data from your power monitoring software, it combines advanced algorithms with expert analysis, and provides the insight that you need to make the right decisions.

Enjoy full-system analysis and ensure your power management system is providing accurate data you can count on. Whether validating a new expansion or reviewing existing equipment, we can help you understand, correct and optimize your system.

Power Advisor will analyze your electrical network for problematic power quality conditions that may cause equipment or reliability issues. Our specially trained team will help identify areas for improvement and work with you to develop a resolution.

How EcoStruxure Power Works

EcoStruxure Power Advisor is run multiple times each year, the frequency depending on the level of service that you need. It is a dynamic process that can adjust to changes in your systems to ensure constant visibility. 

1. Data collection

Data is remotely collected from your power monitoring system and uploaded to our secure cloud 

2. Hierarchy development

A digital representation of your power system hierarchy is developed. Requires an initial setup, followed by minor adjustments as needed as your system evolves 

3. Analysis

Your expert runs the data through our patented algorithm to identify potential issues 

4. Report discussion

Using their experience, the expert interprets and summarizes relevant issues and schedules time to review the findings 

5. Issues corrected

Based on report findings and guidance provided by our experts, you can prioritize and proactively address issues, keeping your operations running smoothly 

6. Follow-up

Corrective actions are reviewed to ensure issues are properly resolved, with additional guidance provided as needed

EcoStruxure Power Advisor Reports