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Complete Solutions for Rapid Capacity Expansion

Schneider Electric stands ready to help healthcare facilities respond to emergency medical situations. We carry deep domain expertise, and our core products are found in 45% of U.S. hospitals. We offer the full array of healthcare infrastructure solutions. We also partner with other U.S. technology providers, manufacturers, and contractors to offer rapidly deployable medical units such as tents and ICUs.

Learn about our comprehensive healthcare offers for critical preparedness.
  • All-in-One Solutions: Rapid Deployment Medical Units
  • IT Physical Infrastructure solutions
  • HVAC Control solutions
  • Electrical Distribution solutions
  • Remote Services
For help with any of these solutions, please contact our healthcare sales team.

All-in-One Solutions

All-in-One Solutions: Rapid Deployment Medical Units
Together with our partners, Schneider can build new temporary medical spaces quickly, based on the needs of each customer. We offer a range of solutions, including:
  • Tents clinics for drive-thru testing, patient check-ins, and overflow
  • Pre-fabricated, rapidly deployable medical units that configure to custom needs
  • Standalone power distribution, networking, and HVAC units to support a variety of applications
All-in-One Prefab Data Centers

IT Infrastructure

Solutions for IT Infrastructure
We can deliver a full array of solutions for IT deployments, including reliable power, efficient cooling, physical security, and cloud-based digital services. From individual units to standalone solutions such as prefabricated and micro data centers, we can support your unique network infrastructure for - medical software applications in screening, triage, lab, and ICU areas.

Our IT Infrastructure offer includes:

HVAC Control

Solutions for HVAC Control
Our solutions enhance safety and comfort in healthcare facilities. We have a complete suite of environment controls and software for maintaining temperature, humidity, air exchanges, pressurization and alarms. Our network of partners helps to support our next generation of BMS (building management systems) as well as many of the legacy systems in your hospital, such as Invensys™, CSI, TAC, and Andover Controls.

Our HVAC Control offer includes:

Electrical Distribution

Solutions for Electrical Distribution and Secure Power
Schneider offers a full suite of solutions for facility-wide power distribution and monitoring from some of the most trusted brands, like Square D™, APC™, and ASCO™. Our power systems help keep lights on, reduce unplanned outages, and optimize power quality for critical medical equipment.

Our Electrical Distribution and Secure Power offer includes:


Remote Service Solutions
Our nationwide team of approximately 300 field service engineers can start up new systems and keep them running reliably and efficiently. We service a wide range of systems, 24/7. During pandemic situations, we can monitor both critical and non-critical areas, allowing hospital managers to focus attention where it’s needed most.

With remote services, we can do the following, and much more:
  • Monitor asset health and overall environmental conditions for downtime threats
  • Deliver IT capabilities over 3G and 4G without need for on-premise equipment
Field Services

Healthcare Products for Rapid Capacity Expansion


All-in-one module


EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare

Designed to deliver improved safety, patient satisfaction, and operational efficiency, EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare is the IoT solution architecture for digital hospitals.
Healthcare solutions

Discover the latest innovation in rapid-scale expansion of healthcare power capacity

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