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NOE771xx shows up as an ETY410 when viewed in OS Loader

NOE771xx shows up as an ETY410 when viewed in OS Loader.

Product Line

Windows 7


The 140NOE771xx (i.e., 140 NOE77111, etc.) shows up as an ETY410 when viewed in OS Loader.

The reason the 'OS Loader' shows the NOE as an EY410 is because the NOE received a bad or
incomplete download of the exec firmware. This caused the module to be missing a hardware
identification file that tells 'OS Loader' what type of module it is connected to. When this hapens,
it defaults to the ETY410 identification.

Attempts to download a new exec will fail because the OS Loader will not allow a download
when there is a mismatch in the hardware identification

To resolve the problem, the module will need to be sent back to the factory for repair.

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