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ClearSCADA - Local ViewX Client Activation

Published date: 24 July 2019

This article shows the correct way of licensing the local ViewX client by using the client license method :


As per the previous screenshot, the number of "ViewX Clients"- in this example - is Zero. This means you will not be able to activate remote clients connected to this server unless purchasing a separate valid license, However you can activate the local ViewX client that is installed in your local machine hosting your ClearSCADA server.

Please follow these steps :
  1. Click the Windows Start Menu, highlight Schneider Electric ClearSCADA and select Configure Connections.
  2. Click on the 'Properties' button from the right side and make sure that your ClearSCADA Client Configurator has the "Use Client Licensing" option is checked, Then click Ok

  3. Back to The ClearSCADA 'Client Dialog' again - Click on the 'Licenses' button:

  4. The following screen will appear:

  5. Click the browse button and browse to the same file used to activate the server.
  6. Select file and click open.
  7. Click on "Apply" and then click "Refresh". The license mode should now show as "File based client license" and validity is "valid".
  8. Click on the OK button and close the 'Client Licensing' dialog.

  9. (Re)start the ViewX client by clicking the ViewX icon on your desktop.

    Note : If the Machine ID does not appear in Step 4 or Step 8, make sure the ClearSCADA License
              Server service is running.

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