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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.


Impact revenues per Schneider Electric definition and methodology


of CO2 emissions saved and avoided for customers


reduction of CO2 emissions from top 1,000 suppliers’ operations

On track to net-zero

An ambitious plan for end-to-end decarbonisation

Our Net-Zero target has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we are fully committed to the Climate Group EP100, RE100, and EV100 to develop a roadmap aligned with the IPCC scenario limiting global average temperature rise to 1.5°C:

  • Carbon neutral operations in 2025 
  • 25% absolute carbon reduction across our entire value chain by 2030, and "Net-Zero ready" in our operations
  • End-to-end carbon neutral value chain in 2040 
  • Net-Zero CO2 emissions across our entire value chain in 2050
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Be an Impact Maker

Meaningful impact takes an ecosystem of people, communities, suppliers, customers, and partners — and it needs to happen at every stage of the lifecycle.
Impact maker

Our climate actions

Helping customers save and avoid 800M tonnes of CO2

By 2025, thanks to our energy and sustainability services, integrated EcoStruxure™ software and solutions, as well as green product innovations, effectively decarbonising homes, buildings, grids, data centres and industries.
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Climate highlights

Building heat decarbonisation

We assess what it would take to decarbonise building heating globally and overcome existing roadblocks.

The 2030 imperative

From our latest research here are three solutions to adopt immediately and get back on track to meeting the 1.5 trajectory.

10,000 MW renewable energy secured

Schneider Electric helps clients reach landmark milestones of 10,000 MW advised renewable energy power purchase agreements.

Breaking Ground with Walmart’s Gigaton PPA

Our unique partnership with one of the world’s largest retailers is driving supply chain adoption of renewable energy.

Pure air at the rescue

Why alternatives to SF6 and other greenhouse gases are essential to carbon reduction.

Accelerating STMicroelectronics transformation

To strategize and deliver on its 2027 carbon-neutrality goal, from renewable energy sourcing to reduced energy consumption.

Systemic efficiency for net-zero

Jean-Pascal Tricoire Schneider Electric CEO and UN GlobalCompact Board member on achieving net-zero cities and buildings.

Demonstrating climate impact

Quantify and disclose the impact of your solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with our transparent methodology.

Build a lasting business on a finite planet

The conversation around corporate sustainability from noble to necessary enables a groundswell of one-planet prosperity.

Our Climate commitments contribute to UN SDGs

In line with our purpose to bridge progress and sustainability, our sustainability initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

More on our climate commitment

Our commitment to resources

Find out more about our sustainable action and impact for circularity, biodiversity and one planet prosperity

Sustainability insights for you

Latest blogs, podcasts, papers and more on sustainability, Electricity 4.0, and next-generation automation.

Sustainability reports

Access Schneider Sustainability impact results and reports, all in one place.

How can we create a climate-positive world and deliver lasting decarbonisation?

Schneider Electric leads the way to a climate-positive world through digital transformation and next-generation automation solutions with decarbonisation goals at our core. As a climate partner, committed to engaging with sustainable growth on all fronts, Schneider Electric has an electricity sourcing strategy that leverages renewable energy to deliver green impact targets. Our innovation portfolio helps us move towards a climate-positive world through continuous investments and developments in reliable and green energy for immediate and lasting net-zero operations. Explore the carbon pledge that lays out our ambitious end-to-end decarbonisation plan to put us on track to net-zero by 2050. We partner with our customers and suppliers to deploy EcoStruxure software and solutions that enable them to effectively save COemissions from their homes, buildings, grids, data centres, and industries. Discover Energy as a Service (EaaS), an emerging concept for alternative funding of energy resilience programmes that helps upgrade electrical infrastructure and enhance sustainability with innovative microgrids solutions. Our experts, well-versed in global corporate sustainability initiatives, including carbon reduction programmes, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and supply chain initiatives, train our clients to accelerate their journey to net-zero and climate leadership. Our decarbonisation commitments, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a climate-positive world, help our partners set up measurable, innovative corporate sustainability strategies that make the most of available energy, resources, and people to bridge resilience and sustainability.