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FAQs for Color Remote Display for ION7550/ION7650

Product Line
ION 7650
ION 7550

Remote Display Options
Power Monitoring
Energy Management


How do I know if the display stops communicating with the meter?
The meter values in the display will indicate a lack of communication

How do I know if the display is communicating to the correct meter?
The user is asked if the meter’s serial number and name are correct at the initial connection

Can the display be powered using Power over Ethernet?
No the display is cannot be powered by Power over Ethernet

Can the display communicate to multiple ION 7x50 meters?
Yes although it is not an easy process. The user would have to change the target meter address each time you want to read a different meter

Is the clock on the display based on the Magelis clock or the meter clock?
The clock on the display is based on the meter’s clock

Are there restrictions regarding distance between the meter and the display?
The same as standard Ethernet or serial connections

Can the USB port be used to download data from the meter or communicate to the meter?
No the USB port cannot be used to communicate or download data from other meters

Will the remote display show the correct data if a customer changes the Modbus register mapping in the meter?
Yes, to transmit the screen data from the meter to the remote display. There is a new section in the Modbus map which is dedicated for this data. The section of the overall Modbus map that users can configure is in a different range, so any changes to it will not affect the RD Modbus map

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