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How can I retrieve a log of voltage and current phase angles from an ION meter?

I want to have a log of voltage and current angles for each phase in an ION meter.

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ION Setup V3.x

A log that contains the Voltage and Current phase angles is not configured by default.

This example will use an ION8600.

1) Using ION Setup, a new data recorder will need to be made. This can be done by first selecting setup screens from View -> Setup Screens. Then, hold the control button on your keyboard and left click on your meter device. This will enable advanced mode on your meter and display a list of modules. Select the "Data Rec Modules". Right click in the empty space on the right of the screen and insert a new module.

Ion Setup Screen

2) Double click on that new module to open it. You will see a password prompt and a warning. The default password for the meter is 0. Read the warning and press OK.

3) The next step is to create a new periodic timer module.

ION Setup Screen

4) Double click on that new module to open it. Set it to a time period of your choosing such as 900 seconds. This will trigger your data to record every 900 seconds for example.

ION Register setup

5) In your data Recorder that you made, one of the Inputs will be "Record" and here you will select the timer you just made.

Ion Recorder Setup

6) Then for Source's 1 through 6, select your Harmonics Module, then V1 Harmonics, then V1 Phasor Angle. Repeat that for V2, V3 and I1, I2, and I3.

Ion Setup Screen

7) The Knowledge Base (KB) article How to Create a Data Log View for a Custom Data Recorder using ION Setup explains the steps to get your data recorder to function.

You should be able to find out what feature set your ION8600 meter (which was used in this example) has by looking at the Device Properties of your device in ION Setup and looking at the Display tab. This will assist you when using the linked KB article for choosing the right file folder.

Ion Setup Screen

8) With that done, your data recorder should be viewable on the Data Screens view under the folder "Data Recorders".
Ion Data Recorder Screen

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