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What are the maximum DNP base points for ION 8650 A,B and C Meters?

ION8650 meters do not allow the configuration of more than 100 DNP base points from ION Setup
It will actually let you keep adding to the parameter map but when you exit setup assistant it throws this message:
"The following modules are off-line and may indicate an improperly configured feature in the device" as shown below:

When you try to bring the modules online, the following error message is displayed:
"Too many DNP points configured in DSE" as shown below:

Product Line
ION 8650 Meters A, B and C
ION Setup

ION8650 DNP Static Points

Unable to configure over a 100 DNP base points on an ION8650s in ION Setup

The limitation for DNP base points on ION 8650 meters is 100 as stated below:

This information can be found under the Powerlogic ION8650 DNP 3.0 Device Profile document, which can be downloaded from the link below

http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Reference=70022-0126-00&p_EnDocType=User guide&p_File_Id=27606449&p_File_Name=70022-0126-00.pdf

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