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The PQDIF file extracted from an ION8650C is empty

The CBEMA log and the power quality report for the ION8650 indicate that a PQ event but the PQDIF extractor in PME 8.x creates an empty file for the specific time range.

Product line
ION8650C, PME 8.1

PQDIF extractor

The ION8650's Sag/swell module doesn't have following outputs and therefore they are not logged in the database.
1- SubV1Avg, SubV2Avg, SubV3Avg
2- DistV1Avg, DistV2Avg, DistV3Avg
The PQDIFF extractor default templates for the ION8650 meters requires a disturbance average quantity in order to generate a PQDIFF file.

The ION8650C, unlike the ION8650A and ION8650B, was not designed to be a power quality meter and has limited PQ capabilities. The meter by default records the min and max duration and the PQDIFF extractor can be modified  to export PQDIFF files from the ION8650C:

To Add a new custom template to PQDIFF that can export either the min or max disturbance values:
  1. Navigate to PME_Directory\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\config\exporters\PQDIF\templates
  2. Add the files SagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_max_values and SagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_min_values to the folder.
  3. Restart the ION PQDIF Exporter Service and relaunch PQDIF exporter.
  4. Select the new ION8650C templates and then run an export job in PQDIF exporter
The extracted files will contain either the mix or the min values.

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SagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_min_values.pqtSagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_min_values.pqt [10.32 KB]
SagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_max_values.pqtSagSwell_Voltage_Disturbance_max_values.pqt [10.32 KB]
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