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    Ylepänä mukana Bloombergin tasa-arvoindeksissä 2018

    Indeksi on sukupuolten välisen tasa-arvon barometrin eri toimialoilla maailmanlaajuisesti. Tämä vahvistaa vahvaa sitoutumistamme osallistavaan, monipuoliseen kulttuuriin ja pitkäaikaisiin pyrkimyksiin edistää sukupuolten tasa-arvoa.

    Tutustu Bloombergin tasa-arvoindeksiin
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    Joustamme elämäntilanteesi mukaan

    Kattava Global Family Leave -politiikkamme tukee kaikkien ihmisten erilaisia tarpeita. Joten riippumatta siitä, kuka olet, missä maailmassa asut tai mikä on elämäntilanteesi, voit aina olla parhaimmillasi.

    Lue lisää (ENG) Katso video

    Monimuotoisuus on perintömme ja tulevaisuutemme. Jokaisella on siinä paikkansa.

    Monimuotoisuus on olennainen osa Schneider Electricin historiaa, kulttuuria ja identiteettiä. Käsittelemme erilaisuutta yhdenvertaisuuden näkökulmasta. Haluamme luoda suvaitsevan yrityskulttuurin, jossa erilaisuus nähdään lisäarvona.

    Building Inclusion

    Global Family Leave Policy

    As part of a greater diversity and inclusion ambition, Schneider Electric is introducing the global family leave policy so that all its employees can manage their unique life and work.

    • It is a truly inclusive policy that will be applied to all employees worldwide, no matter who they are or where in the world they may be.

      It is also inclusive by addressing various leave needs-parental, care and bereavement.

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    "We are proud to be the first in our industry to make such a global commitment.” Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO

    • By design, the policy includes key life stages for welcoming a new baby, taking care of sick or elderly family members, and mourning the loss of a family member. 

    • In formulating the policy, Schneider Electric has actively chosen to define “leave” and “family” in an inclusive way, recognizing that definition of family, life and work are changing every day. 

    • It also assumes an inclusive definition of family by extending an equal amount of parental leave to a parent by natural birth or adoption.

    Discover Jean-Pascal Tricoire’s announcement

    "I am happy to announce that our new Global Family Leave policy aims to strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion which is an integral part of who we are as a company."
    Read more

    Promoting gender equality

    Celebrating our second year as a HeforShe IMPACT Champion

    On September 20, we celebrate the third year of the HeForShe movement and our second year as an IMPACT 10x10x10 champion. The HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative brings together 10 heads of state, 10 global CEOs and 10 University Presidents, who chose to act as role models in setting the tone for global gender equality.

    Check out Schneider Electric’s initiatives for gender equality in Brazil and Egypt.
    • Women Entrepreneurship Program in Brazil

      Together with the Schneider Electric Foundation, Schneider Brazil supports both men and women entrepreneurs as they start their energy business. Support comes from more than 140 hours of coaching. We make this investment to support the development of these future entrepreneurs and the energy market.

    • Female Technicians Hiring Program in Egypt

      In Egypt, there are few female technicians working in factories. The Female Technicians Hiring Program was started this year to begin this cultural change within Schneider Electric Egypt. With a well-designed pilot program, both men and women had a positive experience with the integration of women into the team.

      Female worker smiling in gas plant
      • Being a champion for HeForShe means… CEO of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, shares his personal “click moment” and his role in promoting gender equity.
      • Celebrating talented women at Schneider From master welding to mastering velocity, Julie Glad mountain bikes in her own adrenaline-filled place in the world.

      Initiatives and Awards

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        Canada’s Top Employer for Young People, 2018 Schneider Electric Canada has been recognized for its initiatives on hiring and developing younger generations within the company's leadership programs. Our Commercial Leadership Program which provides participants with exposure to the main areas of the company's business and to senior leadership.
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        India's Gender Equality in Workplace Award, 2018 At the Global Diversity & Inclusion Summit, 'Ask Insights and Business World' recognized Schneider Electric India for its strong long-standing focus and multidimensional approach to diversity and inclusion.
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        HR Excellence Award for Diversity & Inclusion, 2017 For the third year in a row, Schneider Electric Malaysia was recognized for the strong focus on female hiring and dedicated local employee network, as part of their strong commitment to gender equality.
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        Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India, 2017 Working Mother and AVTAR’ recognized Schneider Electric India for its promotion of gender equality in the company and in society at large. It also recognized Schneider Electric India’s policies and practices to provide a safe working environment for its employees.
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