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Esmi credentials and readers

Esmi supported card reader technologies and matching credentials

There are available several different card reader types to Esmi access system. Both readers with and without PIN are available. All readers are proximity or smart card readers with a modern design for both surface and door installation. Special readers like iClass and their applications for high security solutions are also standard in Esmi access system. In many cases the changes from old reader technique to new is very easy.

ESMI Kulunvalvonta
  Takaisin   ESMI Kulunvalvonta

Esmi credentials and readers

        We offer HID manufactured Indala legacy 125kHz Proximity Technology readers and tokens using active 27 bit Esmi format. Readers and credentials must use the same format in order to work together.

        FFS08802640 K640M, W27 Reader K640M, black, surface mount D01063GB1
        FFS08802641 K640V, W27 Reader K640V, white, surface mount D01063GB1 
        FFS08762618 O540, W27, B Reader O540M, black, door installation D01067GB1 
        FFS08762628 O540, W27, W Reader O540V, white , door installation D01067GB1 
        FFS08762501 ARK501,W27 Pin  ARK501for door installation, black D90070GB 
        FFS08802601 K501,W27 Pin Prox K501 forsurface installation, black D01066GB1


        FFS08768540 FPCARD W27 HID-INDALA Prox card, programmed ,white D01055GB1
        FFS08768541 FPKEY W27 HID-INDALA, Blue key-ring tag, programmed, D01055GB1
        FFS08768542 FPISO W27 FlexISO Image card, white, programmed D01055GB1

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