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Household switchboards

Modular enclosures and switchgear

Modular enclosures and switchgear

Household switchboards
  • Značajke

    • Guaranteed safety: compliance with national and international standards
    • Simple choice: housing optimised characteristics
    • Easy to install: enclosures and switchgear modular system
    • Safe use:
      - protection against electrocution and fire caused by short circuits, overloads or faulty appliances
      - protection against lightning strikes
      - control of lighting circuits - isolation
    • Professional design: care taken with design
    • Constant availability: optimised reference numbers.


    The right solution for every home:

    • Compliance with national and international standards: Peace of mind
    • Adapted range to local regulations, quality marks and habits, easy installation: Simplicity.


    • Protection and control of electrical installations in all residential and small commercial buildings.