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How do I remove columns from a report that are not configured for the a data recorder?

Goals and Symptoms

After having generated a report using the Reporter interface the data sheet(s) reveal columns that are not part of the device current data log configuration.
At some time the data recorder (Data recorder X) was configured to log parameters... X, Y, ... Z. However data recorder X has been reconfigured to log parameters:A,B,C....
To avoid losing data from the previous configuration, there is still a reference for these old parameters for data recorder X held in the Channel table of the ION_Data database.

Using Vista you may observe "old configuration" or "current configuration" when making a data log viewer. The "old configuration" will list these parameters. Unlike Reporter, Vista allows you select the columns you want to see.

Causes and Fixes

Was this device swapped with another device of a different configuration or was the data recorder of this device ever changed?

Unless custom macros have been added in the report, all columns will be display in the finished report because Reporter uses a specific hard-coded query to select the columns for a data recorder.

You have 2 options:
You can record/create a macro to "hide" the unwanted 1 columns. Excel allows you record physical actions like mouse clicks and selecting parameters you to want to perform on the report. To do this…
Generate the report
Open the generated report in Excel
Start record macro function under tools/macros
Select the columns you want to hide… then go to format column/hide
Stop the record macro function save this macro.
Once you have the macro, unhide the "Template" sheet in the finished report. In the field for PostReport macro add the name of the macro you just created, save the sheet, and then savethe report. You can now use this as your template to generate the report for this one meter only! This is the only downside.

Option 2 would be to delete the columns from the channel table in the ION_data DB.
Since you will be deleting data from the live ION_Data database I would strongly recommend backing up the database before proceeding. This will permanently delete all reference to these columns in Vista as well. Make sure this what is desired
Open the SQL Server Studio Manager utility. Login and select the New Query button. You are going to execute some queries to delete reference to these columns for the current data recorder.

Type the following query then click on Execute:

use ion_data
select * from recorder where SourceID = (select ID from Source where Name = <name of device> ) AND Name = <handle of the data recorder found in the "Datasheets" sheet of the report

This will provide you with a recorder ID. In the queries below replace "AA" with the recorderID received.

Type the following query then click on Execute::
use ion_data
select * from channel where recorderid= AA

This will list all the parameters(columns) for this data recorder. You should see parameters with labels such as…
Y, Y, Z....

Now that you you have confirmed these are the right parameters and data recorder you can go ahead and delete the parameter link. For each of above parameters replace BB in the query below with the above query.

Type the following query then click on Execute:

use ion_data
delete from channel where recorderid=AA and label like %BB

Now generate the report and the columns should be gone.
If anything goes wrong you at least have a backup of the ION_data database you can restore.

Use this similar model for other devices however you will need to know the exact device name, the 0x number of the data recorder, and the names of columns to delete.

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