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Here's how you can become a Green Yodha

Sustainability is no more about doing less harm, rather it’s about doing more good. When you incorporate the most effective social and environmental initiatives across all business channels, you open roads to new opportunities to save the planet. At Schneider Electric India, we want to develop and expand our dedication to sustainability such that it benefits both our enterprise and the communities we do business with.
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Impact Maker
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You can only save when you can measure. From business reporting and sustainability reporting to an energy audit and more, our experts are here to help you get started on your sustainability journey.

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Your contribution matters. Start by knowing how much is your carbon footprint and then do every bit to save and contribute more towards a greener planet.

Schneider Electric is ‘official sustainability partner’ for Rajasthan Royals

They say third time's a charm and that's why we've scored a hat-trick with Rajasthan Royals.

We're proud to collaborate with Rajasthan Royals as their Official Sustainability Partner. Looking forward towards a power-packed and electrifying season ahead!
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Sustainability partner

Hear from our Leaders

Meet our Impact Maker - Manish Pant

Impact Makers are leaders who choose action that enables people and companies to achieve a more resilient, electric, and net-zero world.
Hear Manish Pant, Executive VP, International Operations share his ideas on how he envisions a net-zero world.

Meet our Green Yodhas

Titan Company

“We have taken substantial efforts to reduce the freshwater consumption in our manufacturing.”

C.K. Venkataraman, Managing Director, Titan Company
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Introducing our Sustainability Glossary 

Whether you're a seasoned #sustainability pro or just starting your journey, our comprehensive Sustainability Glossary is your go-to guide for all key terms and concepts that are often difficult to comprehend. 🌍🌿

Stay tuned for regular updates and insightful content as we unravel the language of #sustainability together.
your guide to A to Z of sustainability

The Sustainability Roadmap towards a Greener Economy - Delhi Chapter

To promote sustainability and an eco-conscious future, Schneider Electric partnered with CNBC-TV18 to bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and thought leaders as part of its Green Yodha initiative. The event held in Delhi emphasized the urgent requirement for collaborative actions against climate change. Discussions were centered around boosting energy efficiency and climate- positive business strategies.

Discover our programs to boost your sustainability quotient

The fight for our planet cannot be won alone. Whether you are an individual, a team, an organization or a global enterprise, each one of you has the power to create the change we all desire. On our part, we have pledged to become operationally net-zero by 2030. Explore our programs and join us in the good fight.

Green Premium Products

Meet your sustainability goals with Schneider Electric's Green Premium products and solutions which provide regulatory compliance, material content, environmental, and circularity impact.

Access to Energy

Schneider Electric Energy Access is a social investment fund focussing on access to energy for the disadvantaged. Partner with us to identify and provide the fundamental access to energy.

Ecostruxure IoT Suite

Drive manufacturing, operational, and energy efficiency for your organization through reliable and resilient solutions to manage your energy and sustainability goals comprehensively.

Green Runners

The Schneider Electric Green Runners community is a global group of environmentally conscious running enthusiasts. Watch out for and participate in the green runners program in your city.
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Energy and Sustainability Services

Consult with our energy and sustainability experts to turn energy into a controllable spend, increase efficiency and meet your sustainability goals with a wide range of solutions.
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Home Automation

Sustainability begins at home. Install Wiser Home Automation and get started on your journey of efficient energy management. Monitor and control your energy consumption while reducing energy bills.

Make an impact in your business

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Buildings of the Future

Delivering future-ready buildings for better lives and planet.

Industries of the Future

Next generation industries going beyond digital and the industrial IoT.

Data Centers of the Future

Make data centers more resilient, efficient, and powerful.

Grids of the Future

Increase sustainability and efficiency with smart grids.

Homes of the Future

Better, more sustainable living today and tomorrow.

Partnerships of the Future

Empowering partners for the New Electric World.

Infrastructure of the Future

Making infrastructure smarter and greener.

Green Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is no exception when it’s about the emission of greenhouse gases. Waste elements from the manufacturing industries can be harmful for humans. As a result, a push has been made to urge firms to alter their production techniques. This is simply because of how people are growing conscious each day about the environment they’re living in. As a result, companies are aware that their business line may be impacted if they fail to incorporate more sustainable production techniques since consumers greatly demand responsible products.

Let us take a closer look at what exactly are the measures that fall under green manufacturing & sustainable manufacturing practices that follow thereafter:

1. The goal of green manufacturing is to consume less energy and raw materials. Spending can be cut while still helping the environment by lowering energy use and material waste. This offers the chance to manufacture more goods more effectively, eliminate waste from processes and secure the company's financial position.

2. The green workforce develops together with green manufacturing. Business and societal value are driven by the desire for sources of innovation and connective roles.

3. Employees want to work for a business where they feel safe and proud of a green business. Employees who work in improper production environments are exposed to indoor air pollution, which can have a negative impact on their health and occasionally lead to chronic illnesses. Employees are motivated by a corporation that cares about the world and their community; green workspaces experience a considerable increase in productivity.

Explore COP27 insights

Back to 2050

1.5°C is more feasible than we think.

The energy access imperative

It's time to rethink investments in conventional energy infrastructure and target cleaner and more secure energy systems.
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Podcast: Beyond the scope

Schneider Electric’s sustainability podcast series offering insightful views on decarbonization.

How companies need to progress on sustainability

There is still more effort and speed required to keep advancing on sustainability, resilience and equality.
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Schneider's Sustainability Commitments

Learn how we accelerate sustainable progress for our customers, employees, partners, and communities.

Sustainable energy security in Europe

Setting out the path to a rapid transition to sustainable energy security in Europe.


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