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    Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity Products

Actassi means “sharing the ocean”.
By choosing Actassi as your structured cabling solution, you will enter a “Blue Ocean” of ideas where connectivity becomes user-centric and truly delightful rather than merely easy to use.

Actassi does far more than simply showcase technological achievement. In making technology work for you, we truly do deliver

The fact holds true that development is accelerated in an integrated environment. In this age of connectivity, a digitally connected system makes the functioning not only easy but also user-centric. Connectivity such as Internet of Things enables thinking and data sharing, therefore maintains the flow of ideas for sustainable growth. A connected system at the workplace and the data centre enables the following:-
  • Stability and cloud storage of data
  • Flexibility and ease of access, free from any physical barrier
  • Better performance in functions
  • Security

Ocean of Delights!

  • Data Center - Network Connectivity
    Data Center
    Customer expectations
    • Stability: security for installations and data
    • Flexibility & easy maintenance: infrastructures modularity; fast data center construction, evolution and maintenance
    • New technologies adoption: adaptation to fast changing telecom technologies and market conditions

    Proposed solutions
    • Cat.6a & fiber solution for reliable performance – proven records
    • ID-Tracer (Electronic patch panel) application offers reliable & easy maintenance.
    • ID Tracer is ideal for “Energy Efficiency” in Data Center application (auto-sleep mode)
    • 10G solution is recommended for future network upgrade
  • Office Building - Networking Connectivity
    Office Building
    Customer expectations
    • Flexibility: reserved open area for future tenants work station expansion or re-arrangement
    • Network Complexity: requirements for different application network physically separated
    • Superior performance: sufficient performance headroom for future network upgrade Proposed solutions
    • Raised floor or ceiling cabling design for flexible cabling
    • 10G/Cat.6a or Cat.6 application is recommended for future network upgrade possibility
    • Fiber & Shielded copper application is recommended for data security concerned customers
  • Default Alternative Text
    Hotel Customer expectations
    • Network complexity: requirements for different application network upon different locations inside of the hotels
    • High-density application: limited distribution room space
    • Easy maintenance & fast recovery: all maintenance & urgent repair shall not have negative impact on the guests
    • Design in line with the overall decoration style of the hotel: especially in the guest rooms Proposed solutions
    • Cat. 6a application is recommended for guest room & office area
    • Fiber or Shielded application for data security concerned areas
    • Floor sockets is widely used in open areas, e.g. lobby, banquet hall
    • Wall-mount/Open rack shall be used the floor distribution to minimize the space
  • operating room at a hospital, healthcare solutions
    Health Care Customer expectations
    • Stability & reliability: hospitals can’t afford network breakdown, especially related to medical treatment equipment
    • Prevent EMC interference between the network & treatment equipments
    • Large volume of data transmission in particular areas, such as ICU, operation room…
    • Need to consider layout of the facility several buildings in one facility Proposed solutions
    • Cat.6a & fiber solution for reliable performance – proven records
    • 10G solution is recommended for large data transmission areas
    • Cat.6a FTP or fiber application can be considered as ideal solution for network, where critical equipment is located
    • For buildings in one facility, single mode fiber application is recommended


DIGILINK has been an industry leader in providing entire end to end range of information transportation system for enterprises and small business. Our innovative products and solutions enable enterprises to derive maximum value for their experience in structured cabling is manifested in our ITS product range – complete end to end connectivity needs, be it LAN, WAN, MAN or merely the multiple needs of connecting telephones, fax machines, computers, security devices, control systems and other equipments.

DIGILINK products are subjected to most stringent quality control and conform to the industry’s highest standards like EIA/TIA, ISO/IEC, IEEE, etc. Most importantly, we offer a 25 years performance warranty for entire DIGILINK range of products/solutions which include in copper. The DIGILINK TG800, TG500, TG600 & E400 and in fiber the OptiPlus OP2, Op3 & Op∞ range of products.

Our well Trained Engineers offer assistance in designing the optimum system and provide value added services like consultancy, site evaluation, network planning, site audits etc. To meet customer needs globally and nationally with a pool of over 5000 certified engineers we are always available to provide our customers with prompt technical support, pre-sales and post sales.

Our ‘Future proof’ products deliver unparallel value and enable our customers to excel through lower network ownership costs, enhanced productivity, total reliability and easy scalability of their work.

DIGILINK cable plant infrastructure-copper and fiber solutions, meet & exceed industry standards and exhibit optimized end to end channel performance. It complements every user with increased margin, higher head room, higher bandwidth and maximum speed.

Building a cost effective cabling infrastructure to meet the growing Transmission needs of tomorrow…..

DIGILINK has been an industry leader in proving reliable cable plant infrastructure solutions for over seven years. More recently, our direction has allowed us to add new product lines, technologies, resources and many combinations of these to create specific cabling solutions for our customers. To illustrate this point, we have created this guide for DIGILINK capabilities as a demonstration of the breadth of resources we have today to meet the needs of your specific applications. DIGILINK, as an expert in cable plant infrastructure solutions, has more to offer than anyone else.

The DIGILINK brand is built on four pillars:

• We identify customer needs
• We innovate technology solutions to meet those needs
• We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to roll out the products required by our customers
• We have the entire range made available through our customers through our distribution Network

In our Quests for continuous improvement in cost, quality & performance, we adopt and implement process which exhibit very high level of efficiency which helps us getting closer and closer to our customers.

This is our process, a never ending cycle of bringing more resources and innovation to provide reliable solutions to our customers.

Solutions for Our Customers

Customer-satisfaction is more than product development. Our focus on customer needs involves ongoing discussions, identifying customers’ product or technology needs, staying at the top of our craft and providing continuous support throughout the product life cycle. As a result, innovation at DIGILINK never rests and service is our priority.

Constant Innovation

We’re continuously evolving with optical fiber and copper solutions to provide the best channel performances. We support our core cabling solutions with related products such as Power over Ethernet(PoE) equipment, Inetelli-patch, Intelligent Physical Layer Management Systems(IPLMS) and more….

Broad Product Resources

Our sales, distribution and installation teams are ready to provide you with an unprecedented array of products for your facility or project. Collectively, they represent hundreds of thousands of possible combinations in which that one “right cabling solution” for you resides.


DIGILINK distribution centers, networks and strong logistics combine with our worldwide sales and customer service teams, and our vast dealer and installation resources, to provide the availability and services you need around the world.

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