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    Temperature Rise Test Facility

    Test Voltage : Upto 10 Volts Line-Neutral
    Test Current : Upto 10000A continuous
    Regulation : Automatic , 0.5% ~ 2%
    Phases: 3
    Modes : 3Phase, 2Phase (for 1P testing)
    Control Modes : Continuous, Cyclic

    Short Circuit Test Chamber

    Test Voltage : Upto 440V ,AC
    Test Current : Upto 10KA , AC
    Modes : 3Phase, 2Phase , 1Phase
    Duty cycle: upto 150 msec

    Electrical Endurance Test Facility

    Voltage : Upto 690 Volts Line-Line

    Current : Upto 630A

    Duty cycle : 100% upto 63A, 33% upto 630A

    Controller : NI platform

    Modes : 3Phase, 2Phase & 1Phase.

    Capacity : 3 Samples

    Residual Current Test Bench

    Rated Current : Upto 125A
    Residual current : 0.2mA to 500A
    Pulsating DC component test facility

    Tripping Characteristics for Circuit Breaker & 28 days Test

    Current: 0.5 A to 125 A
    Residual Current Range: 6mA to 1000mA
    Duty cycle: Continuous
    Phases: 3 Phase AC
    Sample Capacity: 10 Samples simultaneously



    Mechanical Endurance

    Maximum load upto 300N
    Automated test bench with linear and rotary operation

    Impact test

    Capability : upto IK 10
    Fixture type :Pendulum and Spring

    Universal Testing Machine

    Maximum load for Compression: 700N

    Maximum load for Tension: 500N

    Typical Application: To measure Torque Vs Angle, Force Vs Displacement

    Terminal Reliability Test

    Flexion test for terminal reliability
    Pull out test



    Salt Spray Chamber

    Chamber Capacity: 1000Ltrs
    Loading threshold: 800mm
    Temperature range: Ambient to +50˚C

    Climatic Chambers

    Temperature Range : -70°C to 180°C
    Humidity Range : 5%RH to 95%RH
    Ramp Rate : 3°C/Min
    Working Volume : 800X1000X800 mm
    Program mode: Yes

    Heating Chambers

    Temperature Range : 25°C to 300°C
    Ramp Rate: : 5°C/minute (max)
    Cubicle (Inside space) : 600X600X600 mm
    Damper facility available

    Ingress protection (IP) Dust Test

    Probe test : IP2X , 3X 4X
    Dust chamber : IP 5X and 6X
    Sample size : upto Height - 1cubic m
    Standard : IEC 60529

    Ingress Protection (IP) Water Test

    Water test facility : IP X1 to X6 & UL 50E standard
    Sample size : upto Height - 2.2m



    Conducted Emission (CE)Lab

    Frequency Range: 9kHz to 30MHz
    LISN 1: 3 PH,400VAC, 690VDC,200A,
    150kHz to 30MHz
    AC Supply:3 Phase 100A, 440V, AC Filtered Supply

    Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Lab

    IEC 61000-4-8
    Test Range: 50A/m
    AC Supply:3 Phase 60A, AC Supply

    Radiated Emission (RE)

    ETS-Lindgren 3 meter Space Saver Chamber for Pre-Compliant RE
    Frequency Range : 30MHz –1GHz
    Antenna Mast :Scan up to 2 meters
    Lab Dimensions :7.5m (L) x 3m (W) x 3m (H)
    Probe Set for E & H near field Emission 100kHz –2GHz
    AC Supply: 3 Phase 60A, 0-277 / 480V, AC Filtered Supply ,50A,1000V DC Filtered Supply

    Electrostatic Discharge Immunity (ESD) Lab

    Test Facility 1: 30kV Air and Contact Discharge
    Test Facility 2: 16.5kV Air and 10kV Contact Discharge
    AC Supply:3 Phase 60A, 0-277 / 480V, AC Filtered Supply
    Single Phase 30A,230V, AC Filtered Supply

    Electrical Fast Transient /Burst Immunity (EFT) Lab ETS-LindgrenRFShieldedRoom

    4.5kV Burst on Power lines with 10A CDN,
    4.0kV Burst on data & signal lines using
    capacitive coupling clamp
    AC Supply:3 Phase 60A, 0-277 / 480V, AC Filtered Supply
    Single Phase 30A,230V, AC Filtered Supply
    50A,1000V DC Filtered Supply

    Surge & Ring wave Immunity Lab IEC 61000-4-5 & IEC 61000-4-12

    Test Facility
    1.2/50us –8/20us, 6.0kV Combination wave & 5us,100kHz,6.0kV Ring wave
    with Inbuilt CDN 1 Phase 16A 300VAC & 300VDC.
    6.0kV Surge & Ring wave on I/O lines(Unsymmetrical Unshielded)
    Surge as per Fig.9 of IEC 61000-4-5 &
    Ring wave as per Fig.8 of IEC 61000-4-12 Max 240VAC & 200VDC, 3A per line
    AC Supply:3 Phase 60A, AC Supply

    Conducted RF Immunity Lab (CS)

    Frequency Range : 150kHz -80Mhz (230MHz)
    Test Voltage : 25V with CDN’s & 10V with EM Clamp
    13 Possible configuration of CDN’s
    AC Supply : 3 Phase 60A, AC Supply



    FDM 3D printing

    Accurate and Reliable 3D printing with ASA & ABS Material.

    Sheet Metal Prototyping

    Sheetmetal Component prototyping with aid of Press brake and EDM wire cut technology.

    BusBar Bending Machine

    Copper and Aluminum bus bars with aid of Press brake and Bus bar bending Machine.

    Bus bars up to 12mm can be processed.


    Model : S8APO MC120 HD
    Make : Leica
    Features :
    • Apo-chromatic 8:1 zoom with magnification 10x-80x
    • Fast, accurate inspection
    • 80x magnification at 75 mm working distance
    • 38° angle eye tubes
    • Fluorescent ring light Supply

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