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Enclosure systems for voice, data & image applications

Tinklo jungtys – „Actassi“ asortimentas
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    Local area network management for voice, data & image transfer has become a key issue for companies who face the everyday challenge of growing in a changing market. The Actassi range of 19” racks has been designed to cover all your communication needs, from applications to large buildings, service and infrastructure installations.


    Wall-mounting racks – 10” or 19”

    Floor-standing racks – 19”

    For industries or outdoor 19” applications, consult our Spacial and Thalassa ranges (up to IP 66).



    • Broad range of enclosure sizes and accessories, so you can always find the one that best suits your installation needs. 
    •  Time-saving – provided by the multiple cable-entry solutions, quick fixing of accessories and easy removal and re-assembly of the casing. 
    • Professional appearance without compromising on robustnessand functionality.

    The Actassi range can be customised to ensure full compatibility with any specific application. Just contact us!


    The 19” Actassi range is the specialist Universal Enclosures range of electronic enclosures for any 19” application : 

    • Local area networks
    • Telecommunications and cable operators
    • Detection and security
    • Internet data centres
    • Media, television operators
    • Audiovisual specialists
    • etc.


    • Actassi 19” racks for cabling networks : attractive and functional!
    • Actassi 19” racks for cabling networks have a professional appearance: VDA racks, RAL 9011 black cladding.
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