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Merten System Design

A switch range featuring new geometric design

Merten System Design is a modern modular switch range providing a wide range of inserts for a conventional installation with switches, socket-outlets, dimmers, USB chargers, and RJ45 connectors.

Merten System Design
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    From controlling conventional installations to intuitive KNX technology, System Design offers all the functionality of a flexible modern switch range. 
    The new design concept provides the largest possible control surface, and all frames do not have a central bridge piece.

    A complete range of stylish finishes: Brilliant lotus white, warm sahara, mellow anthracite and the elegance of stainless steel.

    D-LifeGlass and Stone
    Natural charm: featuring authentic materials like glass and stone, D-Life Glass and Stone frames bring interiors to life.

    D-Life Metal
    Cool nickel. Sensual champagne. Earthy mocca. D-Life  Metal combines strength and beauty.


    System Design offers the maximum number of possible combinations and great flexibility. Its modular design, consisting of a flush-mounted insert, central plate and frame, means you can install any function in the full range of System Design colors.
    -System design provides a wide range of inserts for a conventional installation with switches, socket-outlets, dimmers, USB chargers, RJ45 connectors and many more. With System Design it is also possible to install  System M offer if needed.
    -Electronic inserts for light and shutter control are equipped with Bluetooth inside, a technology that allows you to connect functions to a smart room control system.
    -Convenient remote control of lighting and shutters thanks to the Wiser room app
    -System Design includes an outstanding KNX offer with innovative user interfaces featuring intuitive operation and flexible functionality.


    Merten System Design is prepared for very different requirements, no matter how secure, comfortable or connected an installation needs to be:

    Solutions to light up your life
    To keep your comfort, privacy and safety
    And to keep you connected.

    In residential buildings, offices, schools or hotels – System design stands for innovative ideas, inspiration, design and functionality in all living spaces.
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