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Exiway Kitled

Suitable for every situation. Available in Standard, Activa and DiCube versions. LiFePO4 batteries grant a minimum autonomy of 3 hours thanks to the high quality.

Part of Exiway

Exiway Kitled, connected to a LED light source, enable a self-contained emergency lighting function ready to work. Exiway Kitled delivers a constant power to the LEDs lighting source, in line with compatible voltage range. Thanks to the small dimensions and compact size, Exiway Kitled can be installed in a wide range of LED light fixtures also in false ceiling luminaires. It can be configured to operate in Maintained(with separate led driver) and Non-Maintained mode

Exiway Kitled
  • Funkcijas

    • Exiway Kitled is compatible with LED drivers with output voltage between 12 and 105 V.
    • Activa version with autotest function embedded, periodical automatic test with LED status indication.
    • DiCube version for centralised supervisioning system, automatic testing, integration with BMS, management via Ecostruxure Emergency Lighting Expert software
    • Exiway Kitled is designed for maintained function, by connecting the LEDs and existing driver to the terminal block of the kit;
    • LEDs will remain lighted even in mains presence or power failure.


    • Self-extinguishing plastic case 94 V-2 (UL 94)
    • Double insulated
    • Compliant with CEI EN 61347-2-7
    • Incandescent wire 850°C (IEC-695-2-1/CEI 50-11)
    • Quick connect terminal blocks
    • Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
    • LiFePO4 batteries
    • Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
    • Autonomy 3 h
    • Complete recharge 24 h,2 h autonomy with 12 h charge
    • Output specifi cations o Models 12 - 55 Vdcand 20 - 105 Vdc o Max Output Power 3 W
    • Tc 65°C
    • Maintained or non-maintained operation accordingto the type of wiring chosen
    • Kit consisting of two elements: electronic circuitand battery
    • LED indicator, gives the status of the kit or showfaults (Activa version)
    • Exiway Kitled DiCube can be used in DALI systems
    • ENEC certifi cation
    • Not compatible with LED lightings bulbs E14,E27 or LEDs with GU5.3, GU10 socket and LEDlight tubes.


    Designed for indoor commercial applications in public areas such as
    • Education, Schools, Tertiary, Play Centres
    • Offices and public buildings
    • Retail and transport, shopping malls, airports
    Exiway Kitled can supply different types of LEDs:
    • COB LEDs
    • LED strips
    • Flush mounted downlights
    • LED panels
    • Industrial ceiling luminaires
    • LED modules