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Uniflair Indirect Air Economizers

Ultra-efficient economizer units that consume zero white space and allow more power to IT

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Cooling to maximize value for the cloud

Uniflair Indirect Air Economizers
  • Funkcijas

    Ecoflair offers configurable and customizable solutions to match your specific data center needs. Using a polymer air-to-air heat exchanger to indirectly cool the data center and automatically switching between three modes of operation, the unit maximizes the efficiency of the cooling system while protecting the facility from outdoor contaminants.


    availabilityRedundant Components - Single points of failure in the system have redundant components to maintain availability and reliability.Active response control - Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and status of the unit is provided.economyPre-engineered free-cooling system - Allows for fast design and installation with a Predesigned/Engineered package solutionPulse Powered Water Treatment System - Eliminates the use of chemicals in the system, allowing the water to be re-used or drained without harming the environment.Green Refrigerant - Environmentally friendly refrigerant that can offer LEED points.serviceabilityOperational Service - Allows critical components to be maintained/replaced while the system is in operation.Easy service access - Allows for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained by easily accessible panels/ cost of ownershipIndirect Heat Exchange - A polymer heat exchanger allows the data center and outside airstreams to remain separated, thereby preventing contamination and humidity influences to the data center airstream.Economization - Achieved by utilizing cool ambient air during winter months to take advantage of economizer hours and eliminating compressor operation.Supplemental Mechanical Cooling - Provides extra capacity to augment economization, extending annual hours of energy savings.Zero White Space - All cooling equipment is placed outside the data center, allowing for valuable white space to be fully utilized for IT equipment.