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    Design Labs

    The Schneider Electric Design Labs bring together industrial designers from the best art and design schools in the world.

Dedicated to Design Excellence

In 2010, the Schneider Electric Design and Ergonomics team consisted of four designers in Grenoble, France. Today, we are 30, with offices located across the five continents. Our aim is to craft design that is globally distinctive, yet culturally accurate for consumers across the globe.

Consequently, our engagement in over 400 projects across all business units has resulted in a significant evolution of the Schneider Electric brand and product portfolio.

From the simplest of switches to complex operational systems software, we design reliable, easy-to-use and ingenious solutions to improve the way our customers manage and automate their operations. At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.

“‘Design must change existing situations and transform them into preferable situations.’ – Herbert Simon's words are driving our craftsmanship and dedication to complement the needs and desires of our customers."

- Frederic Beuvry, Senior Vice President, Industrial Design & Ergonomics
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  • Schneider Electric's Product Design Philosophy and Design Labs

    Hear from Frederic Beuvry, our SVP Industrial Design and Ergonomics, on the three key principles of our design philosophy and our Design Labs team that creates new product designs.

  • Inspiration for New Design and Innovations

    Frederic Beuvry, SVP Industrial Design and Ergonomics, discusses how he and his team approach designing a new product for Schneider Electric.


Design Labs Facts

  • 28 talented designers and 26 partner agencies
  • 23 awards won by our design teams to date
  • 150+ products designed each year
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We’re proud to have the work from our Design Labs team recognized and celebrated by our peers. Below is a list of awards that our designs have won. Click on the links below to view these award-winning products.

Étoile de l’Observeur 2010, ViaWatt
Janus de l’Industrie 2011, Odace
Étoile de l’Observeur 2012, Wiser
Étoile de l’Observeur 2012, EVLink
Red dot award 2013, Sarix IL de Pelco
Grand Prix Stratégies du design 2013
Catégorie Produit Léger, Bipbop TS120
Prix de la Ville de Paris 2013, Bipbop TS120
Étoile de l’Observeur 2014, Bipbop TS120
Label de l’Observeur 2014, Harmony eXLhoist
IF design award 2014, MILUZ, Brésil, Wiring devices
IF design award 2014, Merten, Germany, M-Pure Decor
Red dot award product 2014, Harmony eXLhoist

Red dot award product 2014, Jupiter XVR3
Good design award 2015, product design, Hardware and building
UX design awards 2015, Wonderware
IF design award 2015, Modicon M2XX
Good German Design, Merten D-Life
Good Australian Design, Clipsal ZEN
Red dot award 2016, Resi 9
IF design award 2017, Avatar ON
IF design award 2017, Easergy T300
IF design award 2017, DB60
Good Design Australia 2017, Clipsal Iconic
Best Design Award New Zealand 2017, PDL Iconic

Etoile de l'Observeur du Design 2018, Sequence 5

Red Dot Award: Product Design, 2018, Sequence 5

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