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How to Copy Only Citect SCADA Graphic Pages Between Two Computers Running the Same Project?

Citect graphics are designed on one computer (PC1) with the intent of copying only the designed graphics page(s) to a second computer (PC2). Copying the graphics files (.ctg, .ctF, and .rdb) into project directory on PC 2 and updating pages in active and included projects (from Citect Graphics Builder) does not result in the copied graphic page(s) being visible in Citect Graphics Builder.

Software: Citect SCADA 2018 and newer

To solve this issue:
  1. In Citect Graphics Builder on PC 2, create a new page, or the matching graphic type created for the source graphic on PC 1, using the same template (if applicable).
  2. Save the new page with the name of graphic you intent to copy over (Graphic1 in this example). This ensures a new record of the graphics page is added to the Citect database.
    1. Create a new graphic page with the same name as the one you intend to copy
  3. Copy the Graphic1.ctg, Graphic1.ctF, and Graphic1.rdb files from the associated project folder on PC 1 (in the User directory) to the same location on PC 2 and Replace the files created in Step 1
    1. Files which comprise a compiled graphic page
  4. In Citect Graphics Builder on PC 2, select Tools | Update Pages in Active and Included Projects to ensure Graphic1 is copied over correctly.
    1. Update pages in active and included projects
  5. In Citect Graphics Builder on PC 2, open Graphic1, the copied graphic entities should be visible.
Please Note:
Some graphic elements which belong to the project and NOT the page (e.g. 'On Page Entry' tick box and 'On Page Entry Command' text on the 'Events' tab in the (Standard, SXGA, blank) template) will not copy across using this method and will need to be added manually.

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