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    Intelligent and Secure Bank Buildings

Smarter Building Infrastructure

Maximise the value and efficiency of assets throughout a building's life cycle, and create productive, state-of-the-art workspaces for traders, analysts, developers, and other financial building staff.

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Smart, high-performance infrastructure for optimised building operations.

Digitised products and systems for core and critical infrastructure.


Digitised products, systems and services can be leveraged to build high-performance, efficient buildings for any variety of bank uses.

> Ensure compliance with global safety standards.
> Contribute to building valuation and green building rankings.
> Deliver core and enhanced services to tenants.
> Manage the entire building life cycle from initial commissioning, to maintenance, to eventual retrofitting.
> Facilitate monitoring and continuous operation with minimum interruption.

Building Operational Efficiency

Discover innovations for building automation and management systems that make bank buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable, regardless of size.

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Building Operational Efficiency solutions offer optimised performance through integrated automation.

Building monitoring, analysis, control and automation systems


Our portfolio of software and services delivers information and support to maintain performance and manage costs throughout a building’s life cycle.

> Proactive and condition-based maintenance
> Analytics for detailed awareness
> Expert guidance and support
> Efficient, reliable building operation
> Accessible, secure controls
> Seamless integration with other building systems

Workplace Efficiency

Developers, tenants, and managers of banks and financial buildings need to be on top of IoT and Big Data within their facilities. Real-time, smart space management and energy efficiency can save money and contribute to an enhanced corporate image.

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Workplace Efficiency

Room controls, space management efficiency, and information services for employees


Workplace efficiency solutions leverage IoT and Big Data to deliver real-time benefits in the financial workplace.

> Real-time management of building resources (conference rooms, employee services, etc.)
> Employee productivity and collaboration.
> Smart space management and energy efficiency savings.
> Enhanced corporate image.

Cybersecurity Services

Protecting operational technology (OT) systems against cyber incidents is a key aspect of providing safety and reliability to our banking and finance customers. Addressing cybersecurity in our products, solutions and services is a top priority for Schneider Electric.

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Industrial cybersecurity services for operational systems.

Our experienced and highly qualified experts work with your unique situation and requirements to help simplify your cybersecurity challenges with solutions that fit your needs.


Our industrial cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning, policy management and defence methodologies to counter the threats.

> Protect control systems without impacting operations
> Ensure that staff follows correct practices and that all software security patches are up to date and in place
> Capture the benefits of IoT, mobile computing and cloud without introducing vulnerabilities and constraining timely access to data
> Lower risk of possible injury or loss of life
> Help prevent the loss of Intellectual Property
> Help prevent the loss of revenues due to reputation and/or loss of system availability

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