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How to manually time synchronize ethergate downstream ION devices with ION Enterprise v5.6.

Goals and Symptoms

An ION meter is configured as an Ethergate site and a downstream ION device is connected serially via its Ethergate port. Timesync signals are getting to the Ethergate site but not passing through to the serial meter

Causes and Fixes

In Management Console:
1. Under the Ethergate Site properties, enable "Time Synch ION Enable"

On the Ethergate meters:
2. Enter "Time Setup"
3. Set "Sync Source" to "COMx" where COMx is the serial port that the meter communicates on
4. Set "Sync Type" to "UTC"
5. Set "Clock Source" to "Line Freq" or "Internal"

The downstream devices will be timesynced according to the timesync period set in Ethergate Site properties as explained in "Time Synchronization & Timekeeping". This document can be found at https://www.se.com/us/en/download/document/70072-0111-14/

To Manually timesync an Ethergate site using ION Enterprise:
1. Open a command prompt by going to Start > Run and typing in cmd and click ok
2. Navigate to the installation location of ION Enterprise, then go to the system\bin folder
(i.e. C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise\system\bin)
c. Type on the command line: Timesync –f <site_name>
where <site_name> is the name of the Ethergate site
d. After running this command, check the Event log on the meter to see if it received the manual time sync pulse.

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