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Canalis KDP, KBA, KBB

Lighting distribution

Aviso de fim de venda

Lighting distribution

Canalis KDP, KBA, KBB
  • Caraterísticas

    Canalis KDP:flexible busbar trunking 10/16A, IP54
    Canalis KBA:single circuit 10/16A , IP54
    Canalis KBB:dual circuit 10/16A , IP54
    Canalis KBZ:prefabricated leads for Canalis KDP
    Canalis KBC:tape-off units


    Canalis is a consistent and comprehensive busbar trunking system from 20 to 5000 A, for lighting and distribution of power in all types of buildings.
    In complete co-ordination with all the components of the Schneider Electric offer it constitutes a clear, reliable and open-ended busbar distribution architecture.


    KDP: Flexible busbar trunking designed for lighting distribution in all locations where lighting devices can be suspended from the building structure
    KBA:Lighting distribution in in large industries and commercial buildings.
    KBB:Lighting distribution for buildings which require heavy and many luminaries.