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Device and Process Library, Citect Guide

Device and Process Library DPL provides resources or components that have been pre-configured and tested by Schneider Electric. The control resources included in the DPL platform for Unity DPU, and the monitoring resources included in the DPL platform for Vijeo Citect DPC provide the most commonly required functions, facilitating the development of control systems for processes and reducing the risk of errors. Unity functional blocks (DFBs) are provided at the control level, and dynamic representations (Genies) and Faceplates (implemented through windows with SuperGenies syntax) are provided at the monitoring level. These resources can be used together with the tools used for massive code generation, as well as with the tools for the synchronization of the control and monitoring subsystems, in order to automate and simplify the implementation of|process control systems. This document describes the basic concepts behind the resources of the DPL platform for Vijeo Citect. This document is not intended to cover any development procedures and internal functionality details. The DPL Citect Guide is intended for end users and system integrators.|Users of the DPL Citect Guide must have very good knowledge in the employment of the following:|- Unity Application Generator V3.1 SP2 or V3.2|- Unity Pro V4.1 S, M, L, XL|- Vijeo Citect V7.0 or V7.1







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EIO0000000256 (.pdf)

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UAG Unity Application Generator

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