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I do not see any status after exporting my switchboard to Facility Expert

EcoStruxure Power Commissioning tool sometimes does not show any status after exporting the project to Facility Expert. Status here is the Orange when export is "In progress" and Green when it is "Success" (highlighted in below screen shots). But after exporting you will see all the switchboards and its assets in Facility Expert account.

In-Progress status :

In progress

Success status:


Why this issue?:

When you cannot see any status (which are given in above screen shots) after you export your project from EPC to Facility Expert, the reason is due to the number of characters you have given(alpha numeric) in your project details sections. If there are mote than 4000 characters (taking into account all text fields you have typed), you will see this kind of issue.

How to troubleshoot? :

When you encounter such issue, you can check the EcoStruxure Power Commission logs for the below error message: "The field Description must be a string or array type with a maximum length of '4000'."
With this error in the logs, you should be able to understand that you have exceeded the 4000 characters in the project details and End user site information details.

How to recover or prevent such issues:
To prevent this issue, you need to ensure that while typing the data in the text fields of the Project details and End user Site details , together should not exceed more than 4000 characters (Text fields are shared in below screen shot):

Project information :

Project details 1
End user Site details:

Project details 2

Also as a pre-requisite, you need to check the number of devices you have added in your project.
The recommended maximum number of devices you can add in your project can be seen in the help section of the EPC application or as shown in below screen shot:

Recommended devices

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