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What do the LED's on a PM8000 meter indicate?

What do the LED's on a PM8000 meter indicate?

Product Line
PM8000 series meters

PM8000 LED indicators

There are multiple LEDs on PM8000 meters as shown below:

CEnergy Pulsing
DInfrared energy pulsing
ERevenue lock status
FRemote display connection link
GRemote display connection activity

See below for more information about each LED:
Alarm LED
OffNo active alarms
OnAcknowledged active alarm
FlashingUnacknowledged active alarm

Status/operation LED:
OffMeter is not powered
GreenNormal operation
RedFlashing: No communications to display
On: Firmware upgrade required

(Infrared) Energy pulsing LED:
​Energy pulsing is used to help verify the energy measurement accuracy of the meter for revenue purposes.
The visible and infrared LEDs are configured by default to pulse based on energy measured by the meter.
The pulse weight (pulses per kWh) and the energy source can be configured, except in the case of the PM82401 which requires a specific pulse weight for MID compliance.

Revenue lock LED:
The revenue lock LED indicates the lock status of the meter
OffThe meter is not revenue locked.
OnThe meter is revenue locked
FlashingNew revenue lock state is pending.
Power cycle your meter to set the revenue to on or off

Remote display connection LED:
There are two LEDs in the remote display connector that indicate the state of communications between the meter and remote display.
On: link established.
Off: no link established with the remote display. Check the connections to the remote display and DIN meter.
Flashing: active communications between the meter and the remote display.
Off: no communication activity. Check remote display and meter operation.

Expansion I/O LED:
Status LEDOff: Unpowered or no communications
On green: Normal operation
Flashing red: Error detected
Digital Input LEDOff: Digital input off
On: Digital input on
Digital Output LEDOff: Digital output off
On: Digital output on
Analog Input LEDOff: No valid analog input value
On: Valid analog input value
Analog Output LEDOff: No valid analog output value
On: Valid analog output value

NOTE: for more information on the PM8000, refer to the PM8000 FAQ.

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