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What potentiometer does Schneider-Electric recommend for Altivar drives?

Issue :
Speed potentiometer that Schneider-Electric recommend for Altivar drives.

Product Line :
Altivar Drives

Environment :
Open style drive

Cause :
Speed pot selection

Resolution :
Any pot within the specification of the drive should work.  For all of our Drive products a potentiometer between 2.5kOhm and 10kOhm will do.  The part number ATVPOT25K - 22mm once used for our drives but it may no longer be available.
Below are some of the readily available part numbers typically used with Schneider drives :

For 22mm
Metal - XB4BD912R10K
Plastic - XB5AD912R10K

For 30mm
Metal - 9001K2108
Plastic - 9001SK2108

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