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Intermittent comms with EGX100 or EGX300, dual power supply PoE and 24V dc

Intermittent comms or power with EGX100 or EGX300 or intermittent power and flickering LEDs

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EGX 100 and EGX 300

Powering up the EGX 100 or EGX 300 gateway with PoE and 24V DC power supply.

If the EGX100 is connected to a PoE switch and the 24VDC, the EGX100 loses communication with the Modbus devices. In addition, the EGX will stop replying to ping commands after several seconds. This is caused by multiple power sources.

When the 24VDC is disconnected the relays switches to use PoE. This did not seem to have any effect with a single device connected to the EGX, however with multiple devices on the daisy chain the ride-through is not enough to support them and the EGX momentarily resets, and then resumes communication.

Remove either 24VDC or PoE and keep only one power supply source in order to have proper functionality of EGX 100 or 300 gateways.

According to the Installation guide, it is not stated that both the 24VDC and PoE can be used at the same time. The intended use is for either the external 24VDC supply or the PoE to be used for control power.

NOTE: Modscan does seem to time-out and lose connection when the 24V dc power supply is disconnected. The connection through Modscan must be re-established manually.

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