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Solutions and benefits

AVEVA Insight lets you remotely and instantly view real-time plant data from process control systems, historians, or any other device that generates operational data - right from your mobile device.
  • Securely view, analyse and share production data 
  • Improve operational awareness and accelerate decision-making 
  • Enhance collaboration and improve agility 
  • Reduce operational costs/ improve productivity

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AVEVA™ Insight

Solutions and benefits

AVEVA Mobile Operator solution is the industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system for task management. It is a combination of user-friendly configurable software and ruggedised mobile hardware that together enable workflow management, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, and safety/environmental inspections.
  • Ensure consistent/ precise execution of procedures and enforcement of standard operational procedures (SOP's) 
  • Eliminate paper documentation 
  • Increase collaboration across functional domains 
  • Improve compliance with regulatory mandates 
  • Standardise operational processes across multiple locations 
  • Configure and customise easily

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AVEVA Mobile Operator

Solutions and benefits

EcoStruxureTM Augmented Operator Advisor is an innovative application for mobile devices that uses the device’s camera to recognise electrical panels, cabinets, machines and process areas, and then superimposes real-time data and virtual objects onto them.
  • Empower operators and technicians with immediate access to relevant technical, performance and condition information 
  • Speed up decision-making, troubleshooting and performance efficiency 
  • Facilitate safer operations through information availability
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EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor is changing the way today’s workforce sees their world

Wastewater Treatment Facility

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor test drive and guided tour

Tenaris Argentina

Tenaris puts AR to the test for maintenance and general operations.

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EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor

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How does workflow management software empower your workforce in metal industries?

Schneider Electric helps create a next-generation workforce in the metals industry through workflow management software and mobility tools that improve overall operations, plant safety, and asset performance.

As an industrial technology leader with IoT and data analytics expertise, we can help equip field workers with the information they need regarding operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams, and operating history to make tough decisions on the spot using rugged handhelds or commercially available off-the-shelf mobile devices.

Explore AVEVA Insight that helps to view, analyse, and share real-time plant data from process control systems to enhance operational awareness, decision-making, agility, and productivity while reducing costs.

AVEVA Mobile Operator solution, our industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support workflow management software, improves operational efficiency, increases collaboration across functional domains, streamlines maintenance management, and increases the visibility of regulatory compliance.

Discover EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, an innovative custom mobile application, that puts real-time information at your fingertips with augmented reality enabling operators to superimpose the current data and virtual objects onto a cabinet, machine, or plant, whenever and wherever it is needed. It helps in instant diagnosis and contactless maintenance, improves operational efficiency, and decreases costs.

Schneider Electric helps your metal industry embrace digital transformation by driving consistent execution of best practices by the workforce through workflow management software to accelerate process improvement, cross-functional team sharing, production tracking, and advanced workflow management.