Conext XW 系列



Conext XW 系列
  • 特點

    Complete system solution using modular components
    • The Xantrex XW System is comprised of manageable building blocks: XW Inverter/Chargers, Solar Charge Controller, Automatic Generator Start module, and System Control Panel
    • System Control Panel (SCP) allows easy configuration and prevents an accidental change of the parameters
    Best-in-class surge performance
    • The Xantrex XW6048 provides 12 kW of real power output (not just current) to start loads
    • The Xantrex XW’s digital control offers rigid voltage regulation while surging to start a difficult load – providing transparent operation to the homeowner
    Multi-unit expandability for single and three-phase systems
    • From 4 to 24 kW in a single phase configuration
    • From 12 to 36 kW in a three phase configuration
    • XW Inverters have Xanbus network and sync ports built in, and communicate seamlessly to synchronize invert and charge modes

    Efficient Power Factor Corrected battery charging

    All XW models provide dual AC inputs


    More efficient, more power

    The ultimate hybrid inverter/charger for off-grid, backup and grid-interactive solar energy systems.
    • Seamless networking with Xantrex XW system components
    • High efficiency over operating range
    • Easy-to-install
    • Flexible system configuration
    • Used as stand-alone or as complete system


    • Residential
    • Commercial