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How to add a dependency to a service

No existing user interface to add a dependency to a service once created.

Product Line
Any software that uses Windows Services

Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows 7

A user wants to add a dependency to an existing service.

Steps in this article require knowing the service name.
This can be found in services.msc by right clinking on the desired service and selecting properties.
The name desired is the field "Service name"

1) Open a command prompt as administrator.

2) To list current dependencies, type the following command where ServiceA is the name of the service you want to add a dependency:
sc qc ServiceA

3) To add multiple dependencies, type the following command where Service B,C,D are services to add as a dependency for ServiceA:
sc config ServiceA depend= ServiceB/ServiceC/ServiceD

The command above means that ServiceA will not start until ServiceB, ServiceC, and ServiceD have all started. If you stop any of ServiceB, ServiceC, or ServiceD, ServiceA will stop automatically.

4) To remove all dependencies, type the following command:
sc config ServiceA depend= /

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