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Error 090C when downloading a configuration from Advantys Config Software to an STB NIM.

This resolution explains the cause and solution of an Error 090C when downloading an Advantys Configuration software program to an STB Ethernet NIM.

The 090Ch error is caused by an IP that is configured in the 'Master Configurator' web page in an STBNIC2212 or STBNIP2212.  If an IP address is configured, only that one master with the same IP can download or write to the NIM via Ethernet.  At the same time, the serial port does not allow any downloads to the NIM.  Therefore, any communications attempt to download through the serial port results in a 90C error also.  Uploading is ok.

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The issue is resolved by assigning an IP to the STBNIC2212 via bootp, then going into the Master Configurator web page and select 'Disabled', which is the default setting.  This setting will now allow a configuration to be downloaded through either the serial or Ethernet port.

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