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How many expansion slots can be installled on the Altivar Process Drives?

Published date: 09 July 2019

How many expansion slots are available with the Altivar Process Drives?

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Altivar Process Drives

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The Altivar 600/900 Process has 2 expansion slots:
  • Slot A (Right)
    • Legacy communication options
    • Advance Ethernet (only for ATV600)
    • IO Extension Module (VW3A3203)
    • IO Relays (VW3A3204)
  • Slot B (Left)
    • IO Extension Module (VW3A3203)
    • IO Relays (VW3A3204)
    • Encoder Module (only for ATV900)
  • Slot C (Top) - (VW3A3800 - Only for ATV900) 
    • IO Extension Module (VW3A3203)
    • IO Relays (VW3A3204)
    • Safety option “premium” (VW3A3802)

Control electronic size does not change (even with 2 expansion cards used).
It is not possible to use the same expansion card twice and maximum one communication card is allowed.

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