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Can the ATV630 be programmed to run two pumps and alternate them based on run time?

Published date: 25 July 2019

Need to program the  ATV630 to run two pumps and alternate them based on run time

Product Line:
Altivar 630


Has two pumps, each capable of handling full load. Need to alternate running pumps based on run time

Yes, the ATV630 can be programmed to do this. 

To do so there are two parameters MPPC (Pump Cycling Mode) and MPCP (Automatic period Cycling):

With MPPC set to “Runtime”, stage / destage will be done regarding the operation time of the pump which has the less operating time (and available). Depending of the process, if no destage is requested, then pump will keep running without switching to another pump.
To switch pump, there is the MPCP parameter. It allows you to define a maximum operating time when no destage is requested. In this case, the drive will switch the running pump. It will stop the running pump and start another pump.
For further details please see the attached ATV630 Programming Manual, Section 7.7.


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