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Are auxiliary contacts available for the 9422 Type T disconnect switches?

Accessories for 9422 type T Disconnect switches

Product Line:
Flange Mounted & Cable Mounted Disconnect Switches

Disconnect Switches: All United States Products

Yes, select from below based on switch being utilized:
Switch: SPDT  DPDT

TCF 9999TC10 9999TC20
TCN 9999TC10 9999TC20
TDF 9999TC10 9999TC20
TDN 9999TC10 9999TC20
TEF 9999TC10 9999TC20
TEN 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATCF 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATCN 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATDF 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATDN 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATEF 9999TC10 9999TC20
ATEN 9999TC10 9999TC20
BTCF 9999TC11 9999TC21
BTCN 9999TC11 9999TC21
BTDF 9999TC11 9999TC21
BTDN 9999TC11 9999TC21
BTEF 9999TC11 9999TC21
BTEN 9999TC11 9999TC21
FTCN 9999TC11 9999TC21
FTCF 9999TC11 9999TC21

SPDT = Single Pole Double Pole
DPDT = Double Pole Double Throw
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