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Can an NF panel with a vertically mounted JDP, JGP, JJP, JLP, JRP main breaker be converted from bottom to top feed and vice versa?

Vertically mounted JDP, JGP, JJP, JLP, JRP main breaker on a NF

Product Line:
NF Panelboard


Cable entry change

Yes the Main breaker panel can be top, or bottom fed, Follow procedures below:


1. Rotate entire interior assembly (including main breaker kit) 180 degrees. Remove screws (1/4-20 X 0.75) from hard bus connectors in main breaker.

2. Remove screws (8-32 x 3.25) holding main breaker to mounting pan and slide breaker away from connectors.

3. Rotate the main breaker 180 degrees so the on and off symbols are in the correct location. (ON position must be up.)

4. Remove the Terminal nut pads by inserting a Flat Head Screwdriver into the Terminal slot, under the Terminal nut pad, and pry it outward. SAVE the Terminal Nut Pads. Remove the Lugs from the Breaker in the same manner. SAVE the LUGS 

5. Re-Install the Terminal Nut Pads and Breaker Lugs (From Step 4), on the opposite ends of the Main breaker. Align the curved edge of the Terminal Nut , or Lug, with the curved edge of the Main breaker Lug Slot , and snap into place. 

6. Slide main breaker onto connectors, re-attach to mounting pan with the 8-32 x 3.25 screws,  (torque = 30 - 40 IN lbs) and re-attach to connectors with 1/4-20 X 0.75 screws (torque = 75 - 90 IN lbs).

7. Detach M/B cover and load end cover from branch section of deadfront.

8. Rotate branch section of deadfront 180 degrees and re-install M/B cover and load end cover. (This is necessary to achieve proper orientation of deadfront labels.)

9. If a sub-feed breaker is present, it must also be rotated in a manner similar to the main breaker so on and off symbols are in the correct location. ON position must be up.

CTA-ID : 2007971
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