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How many starters can be connected via the GV2G454 bus bar?

Published date: 29 June 2020

How many starters can be mounted on the GV2G### bus bar systems? 

Contactors and Starters-IEC

Product Line:
Tesys GV Manual Starter and Protectors
This will accommodate four GV2ME__ or GV2P__starters with one side mount auxiliary contact on each starter.
The GV2G**# part numbers contain this information in the part number. The ** indicates the pitch, while the # indicates the number of starters.

If ** is 54 there is 54 mm between the left side of one GV2 device and the next. ** being 45 indicates 45 mm and so on. 
The # is the literal number of devices, 2 for 2 starters, 3 for 3 starters and so on. 

Note: Cannot be used if GV2GH7 incoming line insulator.

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