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What are the replacement Fan Part Numbers for Medium voltage Dry Type transformers made in Milwaukee, or Monroe?

Published date: 10 May 2019

What are the replacement Fan Part Numbers and Instructions for Power Cast / Power Dry and Uni Cast Medium voltage Dry Type transformers?

Product Line:
Medium Voltage Transformers 


Replacement parts for 8" , 6W , 120V fan and blades, or 12" , 50W , 120V fan and blades

Note: Confirm the manufacturer location, wattage,  voltage and Fan Blade diameter before ordering:

For 8" Morrill  6 watt ,120 volt - Fan Motor part# 43500-154-91; 8" Aluminum Fan Blade part# 43500-124-50, or plastic 8" Blade part # 43500-059-41.

For 12" Morrill, 50 watt, 120 volt - Fan Motor part# 43500-124-65; Aluminum Fan Blade (Only option available)  part# 43500-124-67 (12" dia).

A Typical picture of a fan installation:

See Attached Instruction Bulletin for selecting proper fans associated with type and KVA of Transformer.

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