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Are 200% neutral, non-linear, NQ panelboards available?

Published date: 15 June 2020

200% neutral non-linear NQ panelboard

Product Line:
NO Panelboards

Feature clarification

Field , or Factory installation

Yes for the 100A interiors use field installed  NQNL1. For the 225 ampere use NQNL2 and for the 400 ampere NQNL4
The 200% rated  Copper neutral can also be requested as a factory assembled feature as well

NOTE: With the NQNL2 Copper Neutral use a NQNL2ACCY when installing sub feed, through feed lugs or a sub feed circuit breaker.
The NQNL4 is not to be used with sub feed, feed through lugs or a sub feed circuit breaker.

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