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What is the part number for the door and frame hinges for a QED2, CMM, or Speed D NEMA 3R switchboard?

Published date: 17 June 2020

What is the part number for the hinges for N3R Switchboards?

Product Line:

QED, QED2, QEDS, CMM (commercial metering), Speed D

Repair or replacement due to loss, wear and tear, or damage.

Below are the repair parts for NEMA 3R CMM, QED2, and Speed-D boards:
FRAME LEAF = 8000602003.
DOOR LEAF = 8023317701.
PIN = 8000602001.
FRAME LEAF BOLT ( 2 PER ) = 2271020200.
DOOR LEAF BOLT ( 2 PER ) = 2150720200.
NUTS = 2300100200.
WASHERS = 2370100200.

will require 4 sets of the above items per N3R door.

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